Bungie Celebrates a Final Halo Bungie Day

Bungie, known as the creators of the Halo franchise, have long held a fascination with the number 7, and as such on every July 7th they celebrate Bungie Day with their community. To make things more exciting they are simultaneously celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. After creating their final Halo game Bungie is using this Bungie Day to say farewell to the franchise by playing with the public. Today only, there is a Bungie Day matchmaking playlist in which Bungie employees are playing. Those who are lucky enough to get matched against one of their teams can attempt to earn a steaktacular (by beating the Bungie team by 20 points or more) and earn real steak. Bungie has said that, while supplies last, they will send out a pair of steaks to every player on teams that successfully beat them by that margin. This seems like a great way to thank the community, and from the time I’ve spent on the playlist everyone seems to be having a good time.

So here’s to Bungie! Thanks for making great games, supporting your community so generously, and preventing hunger with steak!

Happy Bungie Day and Happy Anniversary!


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